Janice Cohen

Please tell us about your experience and why you feel so good about Dr. Trakhtman and/or staff.
The staff is so friendly and accommodating and I am always greeted with a smile. Dr. Trakhtman is a masterful dentist who is very concerned with her patients’ comfort. She checks frequently to make sure that I am relaxed and comfortable. I credit her with helping to save teeth of mine which I feared would need more serious treatment. She calls me following more major procedures to make sure that I am feeling alright.

How has your experience changed your life?
Because I enjoy going to Dr. Trakhtman and her staff, I take better care of my teeth now. Going to the dentist is more of a lifestyle for me now, rather than a place to go where I have a tooth ache. Dr. Trakhtman’s preventative approach is keeping my teeth HEALTHY!

Would you recommend our office to your friends and relatives?


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