Fidelis Verzosa

Please tell us about your experience and why you feel so good about Dr. Traktman and/or staff.
Dr. Trakhtman is the best dentist I ever had in my 70 years. She gave me very good advice but did not pressure me to do anything I didn't agree to. She takes her time and makes sure you are comfortable. She is very meticulous abut her work. She is a perfectionist. She is patient, nice and very hardworking. She is an outstanding dentist. I giver her an A+.
The staff is excellent, friendly and nice. They did not make me wait too long for my appointments.

How has your experience changed your life?
I feel more comfortable with my new bridge and am no longer self-conscious to smile or open my mouth.

Would you recommend our office to your friends and relatives?
Most definitely.


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