Painless Injections


"I had a fear of needles, and visits to the dentist always terrified me – NO MORE!! This is the easiest, most pain-free injection I have ever experienced!"

"It's the best shot I ever had!"

"Dr. Trakhtman's new computerized anesthesia system is wonderful! There was no syringe, no pain and no sting from the injection; it is absolutely fantastic!"

"I was happy I didn't have to wait hours before I could speak or drink a cup of coffee without drooling or having a fat lip and lopsided face."

Do you think that the injection is the worst part of going to the dentist? Are you nervous about your cosmetic dental treatment?

If so, you're not alone. Studies show that 50% of people experience some anxiety when they visit the dentist. In the U.S. alone there are more than 40 million "dental phobes" — people with such severe anxiety that they avoid any kind of dental care altogether.

If you have dental fears, we have great news for you — Our single-tooth anesthesia (STA) technology will change the way you feel about your cosmetic dental visit.

At the Rt 1 Dental North Brunswick, Central NJ cosmetic dental office, Dr. Irina Trakhtman offers comfort and ease with STA.

Our state-of-the-art anesthesia delivery system is a computer-controlled dental injection. Because a computer carefully controls the flow rate of medicine, the procedure is virtually pain free.

STA is so accurate and precise that it can be used to anesthetize just one tooth in your mouth. At our Rt 1 Dental North Brunswick, Central NJ cosmetic dental office, we take great pride in staying on the leading edge of cosmetic dental technologies, materials and techniques

One of our greatest objectives here in our cosmetic practice is to ensure your comfort and complete satisfaction with every cosmetic service we provide, such as crowns, implants and veneers. Single-tooth anesthesia technology helps us do that. Moreover, the great news is that taking advantage of this system during your visit does not subject you to any additional charges.

What STA means for you:

  • STA numbs the affected tooth only
  • Comfortable and pain free
  • Eliminates "bee sting" effect
  • Saves your time by taking effect and wearing off quickly
  • NO face, cheek, lip or tongue numbness
  • NO more speech impairment
  • NO lip biting or drooling after cosmetic treatment

Have to return to work? Have a speaking engagement after your cosmetic appointment? No problem! Using STA ensures that you are not left with "gumby lips," leaving you able to eat and talk immediately after your cosmetic treatment.

To learn more about single-tooth anesthesia, please call our North Brunswick, Central NJ cosmetic dental office at 732-940-0222.

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